Monday, 19 February 2018

Nespresso reinvents the coffee experience with the opening of a new sensory boutique in Geneva

Nespresso launches a new concept of boutiques in Switzerland in the centre of Geneva. In an innovative environment, the clients are invited to immerse themselves in the world of coffee and its senses, to discover the unique Nespresso coffee expertise and the lasting commitment of the brand. The design of the boutique promotes a personalized close to customer relationship. The place need to be visited in the manner of a cultural and gustatory exploration made possible thanks to advanced digital technology. Sustainable and recycled materials reflect the circular economy for which Nespresso has been committed for more than three decades.

"The search for perfection is written in our DNA. We want to offer our customers a
unforgettable experience, based on quality, pleasure and exceptional personal service ",
explains Martine Desplanches-Mopin, Director of Nespresso Switzerland's boutiques. "This new
Store concept sublimates the customer experience by making it even more personalized, more
immersive and sensory. Our specialists are there to share their knowledge about the world of
coffee, the stories of our varieties, their origins and our sustainable approach. A new concept of
architecture creates a warmer atmosphere, all conceived in a logic of
sustainability, "she adds.

The new boutique is located on Rue du March√© 26 in Geneva and it extends over  220 square metres on two floors. Upon entry, the customer is greeted by a coffee specialist, a true ambassador of the brand, which presents the different varieties of Nespresso coffees, their aromas and allows the customer to taste them. The journey continues in the world of products with the complete range of products, coffee machines and accessories. Then the customer has the oppurtunity to discover in more detail the provenances and secrets of manufacture among the 24 Nespresso coffees. More than a visit, it's a holistic journey that reinvents and celebrates the pleasure of coffee.

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