Monday, 12 February 2018

System Professional EnergyCode presents its new innovative styling line

Styling products are indispensable for an ultra-personalized and well-groomed look. But many people are afraid of damaging their hair through daily styling. Now, System Professional scientists have combined advanced hair and skin care technologies to blend care and styling together - with revolutionary results: the first innovative nourishing styling line. 
The products in this line immediately refresh your hair, provides care and protection, and at the same time makes hair easier to style. Care or styling? From January 2018, the answer is: both! 

Skin care teaches us: Blemish Balm (BB), Color Correction (CC) and Dynamic Do-All (DD) Make-up ensure for a highly effective care and, at the same time, a flawless complexion. Inspired by skin care, System Professional has now developed the first innovative nourishing styling line based on three highly effective product lines: BB - Beautiful Base, CC - Creative Care, DD - Dynamic Definition.

BB - BEAUTIFUL BASE : with a balanced balance of care and styling the five products in this collection perfectly prep the structure of the hair making it more flexible ready to be styled. This will ensure for natural-looking looks full of lightness, bounce and energy.

CC - CREATIVE CARE: a touch of soft polymers comes together in the four products of the CC collection with caring ingredients that make damage on the hair surface visibly disappear - for ultimate shine and silky shimmer. 

DD - DYNAMIC DEFINITION: The four products in the DD collection give hair a flexible structure and, on request, precise hold. At the same time, care-enhancing ingredients ensure that the hair feels wonderfully soft. 

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