Thursday, 22 March 2018

An efficient men's grooming routine with Braun

Men devote themselves to different tasks every day and face big and small challenges. Recent studies reveal that the morning male routine plays a key role in kicking the day off right. With Braun Series 9 and its 9-in-1 Multigrooming kit, Braun responds to the desire from men for an efficient morning routine, freeing them from the worry of styling and shaving.
A global online survey launched by Braun found that 44% of men spend much more time into their morning routine than they did a year ago. These activities range from a typical morning routine, such as drinking coffee (69%) and taking a shower (39%), spending time on the Internet (45%), or talking on the phone with family members and friends. In terms of body care, 57% of men give particular importance to factors such as time savings and the accuracy of results.
This is why most men found ways to save time by simplifying their morning routine (44%), limiting the number of products (31%) or using multiple-purpose products (26%). This explains why almost all (91%) need 30 minutes or less for their care, and one-third (37%) would like to spend even less time on their daily routine.
Braun meets this desire for an efficient morning routine and offers men the best grooming tools, such as the Braun Series 3 ProSkin. Its advanced MicroComb technology and a comb-like structure that guides the beard hairs into the cutting element of the trimmer, reducing the overall shaving time and thus skin irritations. In addition, the floating cutting elements and the two SensoFoilsTM adapt perfectly to the facial contour of each man to give a comfortable and fast shave.
Individual style is often a source of well-being for the modern man. For his morning routine he wants to benefit from versatile products that allow him to save time without neglecting his individual styling. The Braun Multigrooming 9-in-1 kit guarantees an individual look from head to toe. The hair trimmer tip allows precise styling of the hair, while the 13 interchangeable combs offer a multitude of possibilities for grooming. A body trimmer also ensures perfect grooming of the entire body.

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