Monday, 26 March 2018

CURAPROX [BE YOU] the toothpaste that matches your mood!

CURAPROX presents the new [BE YOU] toothpastes that changes depending on your mood! Six flavours, one recipe all signed CURAPROX. They bring good mood, color and joy
to live and come in six delicate flavors, specially composed to meet the desires of the moment. Whitening and oral health included! [BE YOU.] - Express yourself!
Lover, dreamer, sleepy - who feels the same sensations every morning? Thanks to
new toothpastes [BE YOU.] signed CURAPROX, declined in six different flavors, it is finally
possible to start the day according to your mood and to be so yourself. Indeed, the toothpaste that matches your state of mind of the moment from sparkling yellow to soothing blue or
catchy pink, all under the motto: new sensation - new toothpaste. So, brushing your teeth now turns into a joyful moment!
And best of all? [BE YOU.] Does not seduce only visually! Indeed, the toothpastes provide effective protection against decay and care and protect teeth and gums. Powerful microbeads containing
menthol and some silica give you fresh breath that lasts, while cleaninteeth gently. As for xylitol, a sugarextracted from birch bark, it strengthens teeth and provides an antibacterial action.

will be available from May 2018
at selected pharmacies and on

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