Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Estée Lauder Spring news!

Spring is in the air! As always Estée Lauder has lots of amazing new products and all the season's biggest trends for a beautiful Spring. From skincare to makeup Estée Lauder has given us a great lineup of skincare and makeup products this Spring. One of the highlight is surely the new Perfectionist Pro Rapid Firm and Lift Treatment with Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 which gives you exceptional firming and lifting results quickly and the effects can be seen on multiple areas of the face. Then prime your face to its best with the new Double Wear Custom Coverage Correcting Duos and tackle everything from redness to dark spots or dullness. Fall in love with the new Pure Color Envy Liquid Lipcolor and choose your favourite finish between matte, vinyl or metallic. Spring is the right time to go bold, do it with the new Pure Color Envy Shadow Paint and Pure Color Envy Mascara and create infinite eyes look to envy!

Perfectionist Pro
Rapid Firm + Lift Treatment Acetyl Hexapeptide-8

Let's get rapid and lifting results thanks to the high-speed formula 
that gives you visible improvement to multiple facial areas such as jawline, 
cheeks and around the eyes for an overall youthful look.
 With continous use Perfectionist Pro diminishes 
the look of lines and wrinkles, 
skin tone is brighter and more even as well as feeling smoother. 
Skin is firmer and countours look more lifted.

Double Wear Custom Correcting Duo

Your new best friend to correct uneven skintone is here. 
Double Wear Custom Correcting Duo allows you to correct, 
conceal and transform your complexion.
 Choose from a range of six available shades depending on your needs 
and custom-correct dark circles, redness or dullness.
Each duo gives you two levels of coverage, on one side you have
 the brush applicator to use on larger areas with a luminous 
wear all-day formula. 
On the other hand you have a full-coverage hydrating 
concentrate with a sponge tip to cover targeted areas.

Pure Color Envy Mascara
Pure Color Envy Eye ShadowPaints

Create endless beautiful eye looks this Spring with
 Pure Color Envy Mascara
 now available in six gorgeous shades ranging from scarlet red to 
purple and blue you just have to pick your favourite. 
What makes this mascara so special is the hybrid brush  that does the 
work of two mascaras so you can create different lash looks on demand. 
Much love also for the new Pure Color Envy ShadowPaint a weightless 
gel-creme color for eyes available in six shades. 
You can customize the intensity to create infinite eye looks, 
and all without needing brush! 
As a matter of fact the lightweight texture 
blends easily into a soft, subtle sheen. 
The effect lasts all day without smudging or flaking.

 Pure Color Envy
 Liquid LipColor

The liquid color trend is here to stay and that is 
why I love the Pure Color Envy Paint-On Liquid LipColor! 
They are easy and quick to apply, 
they have incredible hold as well as giving you wonderful effects. 
Choose your favourite 
depending on your wanted finish: matte, metallic or vinyl.

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