Tuesday, 1 March 2016

A very special lunch with Mr. Biver

Last week with some fellow blogge I had the great pleasure to attend a special lunch with Mr. Jean-Claude Biver at Radisson Blue Hotel at Zurich Airport.
Mr. Biver CEO of TAG HEUER, chairman of Hublot and president of the LVMH Watch Division is true legend himself. It was a pleasure to attend this intimate lunch where we had chance to get to know a bit more of Mr. Biver. Well, what can  I reveal ? That he is a huge fan of the Beatles and lives by the motto that "All you need is love" ! Wow I couldn't agree more. He also gave us some great tipps on how he does business and how he would never employ someone who knows less than he does! What an inspiring man.
Mr. Biver also revealed that despite his huge collection of watches now he just can't separate from his TAG HEUER connected Watch as he loves to be always connected!

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