Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Happy Easter at LUSH!

Easter is coming and so it is Spring and as always Lush is bringing us a lot of joy, colour and wonderful scents. 
From egg shaped bath bombs to a bouncy bunny shower jelly there is everything for a wonderful Easter!
And why not fill your Easter basket with delicious Lush Easter products? 
I love to display all my bath bombs in the house, as they leave a great scent as well as looking great! 
If you are stucked for gift ideas Lush has lots of Easter's gifts sets such as the Funky Bunny or the Good Egg, for a wonderful and cheerful Easter!


This shower jelly with uplifiting Brazilian Orange Oil will bright and tone your skin as well as leaving it with a gorgeous scent which will energize your day. Simply take the jelly out of the pot and smooth all over your body to work up a soft lather.


These two bath bombs are Easter must-haves!
Fluffy Egg with its candy shop scent will fill your bath with lots of pink fluffiness while when  the egghead Humpty Dumpty gets into your bath will reveal its caramel smooth personality , notes of bergamot and Brazilian orange all while colouring  the water in a beautiful multi-colour rainbow.


Have a wonderful tropical and refreshing bath with this bounch of reusable carrots.
Just hold them under running water and your bath will be filled with bubbles of buchu, lemon and grapefruit oils. They are also beautiful to display in the house as Easter decorations.


This funky bunny is filled with four versatile products which will coulour your bath in orange, pink and purple as you crumble the fruity  fun bars under running water. While the cute Bouncy Bunny shower jelly will delight your shower through its zesty Brazilian Orange oil scent.


This cheerful gift is packed of exciting bath bombs and bubble bars for unforgettable bath time at Easter!


Bring some colour and fragrance into your bath this Easter with this carrot gift cointaing three bath bombs and a bunch of carrots.

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  1. I got my sights set on the carrots, so cute :-)