Sunday, 6 March 2016

MAC Susanne Bartsch

 Since the 1980's Susanne Bartsch has been known as the queen of the NYC nightlife, where she has hosted some extraordinary parties for designers, celebrities and partygoers alike. Born in Switzerland she then moved first to London where she used to sell antiques and clothes  at Chelsea Market and this way became friends with fashionistas and rockstars. Then in the '80s she moved to NYC where she opened a store in SOHO selling fashion she imported from Britain. Of course the shop was a hit among New Yorkers loved the British avant-garde fashion and her shop soon become a meeting point for the NYC fashion crowd. She then started throwing faboulous parties which were definetely the place to be seen. Her events became popular also for the beautiful and unique style of dressing of her guests, certainly made up for a colourful crowd.
Bartsch has always taken dressing up to the next level, almost to a performance art and she has always been an inspiration and muse for designers and make up artists. Three decades later, her events are still attracting New York's beautiful, strange and eccentric.
Now this collaboration with MAC Cosmetics pays hommage to her unique world with two fantastic false lashes.


Composed of a mixture of synthetic and natural materials, these lashes are modeled to recreate a gentle waterfall on the eyes. The artistic nature of these lashes makes them a unique collector's item.

Susanne Bartsch
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