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DERCOS Ultra Soothing shampoo the new solution for reactive scalp

One in three people suffers from a reactive scalp. Dercos has worked to solve this common problem and created the new DERCOS ULTRA SOOTHING shampoo for sensitive scalp. The first shampoo that goes beyond a soothing action but also educates the scalp to resist against external aggressions.
It works instantly against itching and feelings of burning and also strengthens the leather of the scalp to help making it less reactive long term.
Itching, tightness and redness are the main signs of a sensitive scalp. One in three suffers from this problem. This is not surprising when you consider the number of vessels that supply the scalp and the many nerves that run through it. In some people, these nerve fibers react extremely quickly. External attacks on the scalp are then transmitted to the nerve terminal receptors, which can quickly lead to inflammations that result in itching or sensations of burning of the scalp.
In addition to internal factors such as stress or diet, Vichy laboratories identified three external factors likely to cause such itching:
  • Mechanical aggressions caused by the use of combs, brushes, rubber bands, etc.
  • Thermal aggressions caused by use of styling tools such as hair dryers, straightener irons, etc.
  • Chemical attacks: due to hair dyes, use of inappropriate care products, and even air pollution

These daily aggressions might cause  the scalp to get dry and greasy. Dercos Ultra Apaisant offers two formulas specifically designed to solve each of these problems, in addition to providing an immediate and intense soothing effect. The main active ingredients are sensirine and panthenol. The sensirine has a soothing action as well as reducing the tingling sensations. Panthenol (vitamin B5) moisturizes and nourishes the hair
and also has a calming effect on the scalp.

for normal to greasy hair

The sensirine and panthenol are strengthened by Vitamin Cg, a derivative of Vitamin C which has
antioxidant and anti-seborrheic properties.
The lipid balance is restored and  the scalp is purified.
The gel-like shampoo without silicone provides an immediate feeling of purity and lightness.
This feeling is reinforced by the
fresh, watery scent of white flowers,
citrus, sandalwood and musk.

for dry and coloured hair

The formula is based on a combination of sensirine and panthenol,
toning apricot oil and glycerin.
These retain water in
the stratum corneum and restore the integrity of impaired skin barrier.
Dehydration is slowed, itching is reduced and
comfort is restored.
With a soft and creamy texture, Ultra Soothing shampoo for dry hair
 diffuses an enveloping scent of
white flowers and spices, together with
a touch of peach and amber, which
reinforces the newfound feeling of softness.

DERCOS  specializes in professional treatment of  the scalp. This laboratory is the first to have realized the importance of an healthy scalp  for the welfare of hair. Dercos thus combines the dermatological expertise with cosmetics knowledge in the field of hair care, offering a solution for every capillary issue, available in pharmacies. If you are unsure which Dercos shampoo is the right for you, you can make your hair diagnosis on   to determine which hair program is suitable for your hair problems.

Capillary density loss: DERCOS NEOGENIC
In case of dandruff: DERCOS ANTI-DANDRUFF
In case of dry and damaged hair: DERCOS NUTRI REPAIR
For normal hair: DERCOS MINERAL SOFT

are available now
exclusively at pharmacies

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