Friday, 29 July 2016

Summer must-haves!

Every Summer has its must-haves and of course this one is not short of trendy accessories and funny items which will make Summer 2016 one to remember! From colourful pool floats to pretty beach towels I have picked my personal favourite Summer must-haves.
So what's hot this year? Pool floats have been on the trend radar for a while and they are going strong also this year. From pineapples to doughnuts or swans, pool floats are not only fun and cheerful but also are great for a pool party! I picked mine and can't wait to take them with me on my holiday! Stay tuned!
Let's see the next trend and we are talking beach towels, which are usually rectangular right? Well, this year things are going round! Round beach towels are definetely having a moment. Monochromed or with bright colours they will be your ultimate companions on the beach.
Unless you decide to lie on a cool air lounger another of this year favourites, ultra lightweight and super easy to put up.
And last but not least let's try to be super cool on the beach by wearing a pretty one-piece swimsuit the absolute must-have for this Summer and cover up with a cute straw hat and enjoy the sun!

Pineapple Pool Float

One piece swimsuit

Watermelon Round Beach Towel

Doughnut Pool Float

Round Beach Towel

Flamingo Pool Float

Round Beach Towel

Beach Squad Beach Towel

Straw Hat

Air Lounger