Monday, 25 July 2016

Similasan: beauty made by nature

More and more people suffer from skin hypersensitivity. The causes are varied and often difficult to identify. Given the countless range of skincare products on the market, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right one. Especially women over 30 years of age, want to regain healthy and beautiful skin all without harming the body.
Maintaining an intact skin barrier is the basis for a radiant and relaxed skin. Similasan, thanks to the force of nature develops delicate products for healthy and beautiful skin. Now thanks to this Similasan Summer set you will be able to try some of Similasan skincare range while travelling. Comprises of a full size Shower Cream, a 24H Face Cream, Gel-to-milk cleanser and Face Serum in travel sizes, this set comes with a 100%  fairtrade cotton makeup bag.
The Cleanser thanks to its innovative gel-to-milk formulation which you have to mix with water before use it is particurarly suited for sensitive skin. It is very mild and has also a soothing effect. The 24H Face Cream is rapidly absorbed by skin and nourishes skin with a long-lasting effect. Skin is soft and visibly toned.
The Face Serum with no emulsifiers restores the skin's balance while providing long-lasting hydration. It also reduces wrinkles caused by dryness. A shower with the Similasan Shower Cream will be a pleasure, thanks to its mild formulation it gently cleanses skin without drying.
The products are 100% made in Switzerland.

Summer set
is available now
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