Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Enjoy the sun with Ultrasun!

Ultrasun sun range is really effective in keeping your skin protected from the harmful UV rays. It is really the perfect choice if you have sensitive skin as all products are free from perfume, emulsifiers and preservatives. In fact if you are prone to sun allergies it is the brand I would go for. Ultrasun sun products prevent sun burns and help reduce the risk of premature ageing.
If you are a sport freak and share your time between a beach volley game and a swim you will love Ultrasun Spf 30 Sports Gel. This sun protection has a gel-like texture and is transparent so no more white traces or sun cream streaks. It is just the best protection for sports lovers, so you can concentrate on your favorite activities without having to worry about sun burns!

If your concern on the other hand is getting dark spots from your tan Ultrasun Spf 50+ Anti-Pigmentation Face and Body are the best option for you. Both sun protection have a gel-like texture and cointain anti-oxidants combined with anti-pigmentation ingredients to help treat an uneven complexion and visibly reduce dark spots. They effectively target hyper-pigmentation and prevent new dark spots caused by the sun from forming.
And after a day in the sun it is time to sooth and cool our skin with Ultrasun After Sun. The gel-like lotion is very easy to apply and feels great on the skin, it has a cooling and moisturing effect on skin. It also activates the skins biological repair system to heal skin quicker in case of light sun burns.

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