Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Caudalie's new VINE ACTIV range: stops the time and activates youthfulness

We all lead busy and hectic lifes trying to juggle work, family, hobbies and commitments. Of course as women we manage everything pretty well even if it that means having to give up a few hours of sleep or to skip lunch to run errands. The downside unfortunately will be noticeable on our skin.
Lack of sleep, stress or an unbalanced diet will take the toll on our skin which will start to show signs of fatigue and will look tired and dull. It is proven that between 25 and 30 years of age our skin starts losing its elasticity and the first lines begin to appear.
Caudalie is coming to our rescue with the new VINE ACTIV range. This line thought for women between 25 and 35 years of age is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins aa will help us fight the signs of fatigue and restore a healthy glow.
Because at the end of the day we are too young too look tired right? This line is just what every superwoman out there needs to keep looking young and fresh-faced.
I was able to discover the new VINE ACTIV range during the lovely Caudalie event held in Zurich  last week at Jane's Fine Food, where we not only were told everything about the products but we also had the great oppurtunity to cook our three course meal all by ourselves..with a little help from Jane of course!

"Live your life to the fullest! Vine Activ helps your skin to combat the effects of 
your hectic lifestyle and initial signg of aging."
Mathilde Thomas



6 Drops of this detox oil at night are enough to make your skin recover from the stress of the day.
During the night this detox oil helps to effectively neutralize toxins that pollute cells.
In the morning your complexion will look fresh and ready to face the day.
With a 100% natural origin formula this oil is suitable for all skin types.
Rich in Omega 3 and Vitamin E this detox oil provides the skin with repairing nutrients and it is supported by muscat oil and essential oils of neroli, lavender, carrot, white sandalwood and petitgrain.


This light and delicate cream protects and repairs skin throughout the day while giving it instant radiance. It is the ideal partner for your busy urban life.
Its formulation limits the pollutant particles deposited on the skin.
 It also smoothes wrinkles and restores a healthy glow.


This concentrated serum is packed with antioxidant poliphenols and really helps to protect skin against aggressors such as pollution and stress.
Its texture is light and watery blends very smoothly on skin while leaving no sticky residue.
It smoothes the first signs of wrinkles and lines while also bringing radiance to the complexion.


This comfortable and gentle eye cream eliminates dark circles while also smoothing eye and lip contours.
This cream penetrates easily into skin leaving you with a refreshed and energetic look.

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