Monday, 6 March 2017

Roger & Gallet new deodorants care for the pleasure of the senses and of the spirit

Just in time for Spring Roger & Gallet launches a range of deodorants which promise to keep us feeling fresh while leaving our skin delicately fragranced. Choose between relaxing, energising, revitalizing or euphoric depending on your preferences and needs.
I choose mine depending on time of the day and the morning I prefer to go for the Gingembre Rouge which thanks to its pomegranate extract gives me a real kick of energy for the day while keeping me fresh. At night after a warm bath I prefer to go for Fleur de Figuier which thanks to its fig flower extract and valuable distilled essences of grapefruit, cumin and mandarin has a real relaxing effect on the body and mind.
The deodorants, in a roll-on form, offer an effective solution against perspiration, while also carefully caring for the skin. I really like them as I find them very effective and I love how they leave a fresh and pleasant fragrance on skin.
The skin under the armpits is very thin and delicate and if you shave or wax is also subject to irritations. This is why a deodorant needs to effective but also gentle enough not to irritate this already delicate part.
The new deodorants from Roger & Gallet contain soothing aloe vera and treating extracts of precious flowers and fruits, ultra-absorbent perlite and salts of aluminum which prevent  the formation of bacteria that generate odor and hold perspiration in check. Their formula, with up to 95% natural active ingredients, ensures that  the sensitive underarm skin unde remain supple and neat. Their fresh texture penetrates immediately and leaves no trace on the clothes.
Available in the versions Gingembre Rouge, Bois d'Orange, Fleur de Figuier and Fleur d'Osmanthus.

48 H Anti-Perspirant Deodorants 
are available now
at Pharmacies
and selected department stores

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