Monday, 6 March 2017

Nespresso supports coffee producers in the Caquetá region of Colombia through the Aurora de la Paz Limited Edition

Building on 13 years of presence in Colombia to take Colombian coffee growers through the Nespresso AAA program for a Sustainable Quality, Nespresso is launching a coffee from Caquetá, a special and rare coffee that has become inaccessible for many years.
 While Colombia seeks lasting peace, the Aurora de la Paz Pure Origine coffee pays tribute to the dedicated farmers who continue to preserve and cultivate this specialty coffee in the lush Caquetá region. By investing in areas such as Caquetá where many farmers have abandoned coffee growing due to instability, Nespresso intends to help them rebuild a coffee industry and their communities. The company's ambition is to encourage the reintegration into society of the people affected by the conflict and to facilitate the return of these displaced farmers in order to help them transition to sustainable sources of income and employment conditions and improve their lives.
In partnership with the Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros (FNC), which represents the Colombian farmers, Nespresso has worked first with small farmers in Caquetá and then in other regions to help them develop their coffee farms and strengthen their production because they are working for the renewal of high-quality coffee in these regions. To achieve this goal, Nespresso will present its AAA program in these regions, which already includes more than 40,000 coffee growers in Colombia.

The Limited Edition Aurora de la Paz  is now available at Nespresso boutiques. 
It is a rare coffee, which is significantly different from other products in the country, due to the unique climate in which these Arabica beans grow.

 "By investing in Caquetá and other areas affected by the conflict in Colombia, we want to help farmers rebuild their communities. As a commercial company, we are committed to selecting the best coffees in the world and have a positive impact on the communities we work with. "
Said Jean-Marc Duvoisin, Managing Director of Nespresso.

Aurora de la Paz is a high quality coffee, an aromatic, balanced, pure Arabica.
The coffee due to its provenience from a unique terroir in the Caquéta region has rich, fruit notes and fine acidity.

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