Monday, 20 March 2017

MAC RETRO MATTE Liquid Lipcolour

If you are a fan of MAC RETRO MATTE you will be jumping for joy as they are back in whopping 12 new earthly hues. Lately I have become a huge fan of matte lipsticks and MAC is really fuelling my love for my favourite kind of finish with the new RETRO MATTE. I am also a fan of the liquid lipstick formula, I personally find them easier to apply and the pointed tip really helps in drawing the line of the lips.
The shades ranging from warm mid-tones nudes, up to a dark teal give you a beautiful suede-like finish and are very pigmented. Difficult not to add them all to my evergrowing make up bag, I have tried them all and find it hard to pick out a favourite. I will pick out three based on the ones I use the most and they are Burnt Spice, Ess-Presso and Café au Chic. They all are on the muted colour spectrum and they apply really well, feel really smooth with no streaks. They don't look powdery and they are very long lasting. 
The faboulous spring-like set that the MAC  sent me left me speachless and the same can be said for the RETRO MATTE as they are truly fantastic!




CARNIVOROUS blackened red 
 YOUNG ATTITUDE blackened teal 
DASH O’ SPICE yellow-beige 
 ESS-PRESSO deepened chocolate brown 
SIMPLY SMOKED brown taupe 
STONE greyed neutral brown 
CAFÉ AU CHIC greyed beige 
 BURNT SPICE creamy dirty rose
 SO ME greyed plum 
TOPPED WITH BRANDY deep dirty rose 
UNIFORMLY FABULOUS blackened grape 
CHOCOTEASE warm chocolate brown 

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour
Available at all MAcounters
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