Monday, 3 July 2017

LEVI'S presents its Fall/ Winter 2017 collection

For decades and across the widest range of genres, music has always been the key to Levi-Identity: artists like Johnny Cash and Cat Power have rocked the stadiums of the world in their Levi's.
For the Fall / Winter 2017 the Levi's collection goes in the depths of the underground and throws light on musical subcultures.

"Somehow Levi's was again and again dominated by youth and its subcultures passionately worn until today. Levi has become an essential part of their personal expression. That was Levi's biggest inspiration. The outsider, cross-heads, rebels, and the subcultures they have brought forth people have always felt attracted by the Levi's brand. "- Jonathan
Cheung, Head of Global Design Levi's

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