Monday, 24 July 2017

Operation Perfect Body with Collistar!

Collistar wants us all to have that perfect body this Summer with a range of products that will help us to reshape the silhouette, have firmer skin and more even complexion.
The new Collistar High-Definition Slimming Cream thanks to its multi-active formula it slims, firms and perfects. Its strong point is  the combination of two ingredients which are used for the first time in a body treatement: Ganoderma Lucidum which has a recompacting and smoothing action and Italian Spirulina Alga which remodels, tones and detoxifies. The two ingredients together with caffeine, Escina and bergamot extract go to have a lipolytic and draining effect while vitamins and special soft-focus powders with a filler effect that give skin an immediate smoothing and even appearance.
The texture  is pleasant and very easy to massage and the results are really impressive. This high-definition treatment really goes to reshape your figure as well as reducing bulges. Body feels and looks smoother and more toned.
The Volumizing Oil-Serum Bust is a true bust reshaper as it helps to replump, sculpt and reshape your décolleté. Thanks to the exclusive volumizing complex and super active ingredients that give you a triple effect. VoluplusTM a precious phyto complex gives you a targeted lipo-replumping effect together with Hops extract both work in a natural way without interferences on your hormonal system.
It also contains a mix of peptides that stimulates fibroplasts to produce collagen and elastin. With continuos use bust appears firmer, fuller and more voluminous. Skin is toned, silky and perfectly nourished thanks to Vitamin E and Macadamia Oil.
Looking not only for a perfecting treatment but also an hint of colour? Try Magica BB Body Plus a BB cream for the whole body which gives you colour, brightness while also working on perfecting your body. Thanks to the mix of nourishing and elasticizing ingredients skin is smoother and more toned while Vitamin E protects it from free radicals. The texture is light and is rapidly absorbed, as well as its perfecting action it gives skin a natural and even colour.

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