Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Starbucks supports the "Coffee + Cows" project in Rwanda

Starbucks, together with the international aid organization Send a Cow, is working on a new project that supports agricultural communities in Rwanda to develop efficient and sustainable construction methods. 
During the next three years, the "Coffee + Cows" project  will train more than 3,000 people on sustainable cultivation methods, supports gender and social development, provide livestock and helps with daily challenges.
The partnership between Starbucks and Send a Cow began when a group of Starbucks Baristas traveled to Rwanda to visit coffee farms and they also got to know the project of the aid organization. The employees felt so inspired by this experience that they organized a fundraising campaign at the Starbucks Coffee House in the UK. With this action they raised approximately 125000 CHF  which corresponds to a dairy cow each for 153 farmers' families.
 From  27th of July to 6th of September 2017 Starbucks will donate 65 cents each pack of at-home  coffee sold at the Swiss Coffeehouses to the "Coffee + Cows" project. This includes bean coffee packs and espresso capsules. Until October customers will be made aware about the Send a Cow partnership through information on the Starbucks Chilled Classics drinks available at Migros and Migrolino refrigerated shelves.

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