Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Locarno 70: Leopard Club Award to Adrien Brody

The 70th edition of the Locarno Film Festival will pay tribute to the American actor Adrien Brody. him, On Friday 4th of August at Piazza Grande he will be handed out the Leopard Club Award 2017.
Locarno Film Festival honors one of America's most brilliant actors by delivering the Leopard Club Award to Adrien Brody, who has won an Oscar at just 29 years of age. Starting with his interpretation of composer Wladyslaw Szpilman in The Pianist (2002), Brody entered the collective imagination, succeeding in confirming himself as one of the most versatile actors, appreciated in Hollywood and beyond.
In his almost 30 years of career making Brody one of the most appreciated and loved faces of the big screen, was his ability to live and interpret scripts among the most varied, reaching out to the public's gaze and favor. His intimate, psychological and social memories of the first US film by Ken Loach (Bread and Roses, 2000) and Detachment (Tony Kaye, 2011) and his crazy verve in Summer of Sam (Spike Lee, 1999). His rhythm in the Colossal of King Kong (Peter Jackson, 2005) and Predators (Nimród Antal, 2010) and his sophisticated and carefree tones that distinguish Wes Anderson's film, for which he was Peter Whitman in The Darjeeling Limited (2007 ) And Dmitri in The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014). Among other authors with which Brody also collaborated with Barry Levinson (Liberty Heights, 1999), Paul Haggis (Third Person, 2013) and Woody Allen (Midnight in Paris, 2011).

Locarno's homage to Adrien Brody will be followef by the screening of The Pianist, and by an actor meeting with the audience of the Festival. Brody will be welcomed by the Piazza Grande and honored by the Festival on Friday, August 4th.

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