Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Discover the look book of ERDEM x H&M

If you are counting the days until the release of ERDEM X H&M you are probably dying to see the lookbook of the collection. Acclaimed photographer Michael Pudelka has created the images of the campaign, playing with the idea of family portraits.
The evocative images were taken during the shooting of Baz Luhrmann's short film for the collaboration where supermodels joined actors for a series of group shots, a modern take on classical family portraits in an ERDEM x H&M world.
Stay tuned for my top five picks of the collection!

“It was such a pleasure to see how Michal translated
 the mood of the collection 
and I love how we played with different elements, 
such as the flowers, 
to enhance the spirit of ERDEM x H&M even more,” 
says Erdem.

"ERDEM x H&M is a collection that really spoke to me, 
and I wanted to create for it a look book with a twist. 
I love to add elements of surprise and surrealism, 
and thought of details to enhance the atmosphere, 
like flowers being handed to the model from out of frame,” 
says Michal Pudelka. 

Photo credit: H&M, Michael Pudelka

November 2nd 2017
at selected stores
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