Thursday, 5 October 2017

Nespresso presents its Gourmet Weeks

From 29th of October to 19th November Nespresso presents its Gourmet Weeks throughout Switzerland. On the occasion of this 5th edition, 25 award-winning chefs and emerging talents of the Swiss gastronomic scene, totaling 23 Michelin stars and 395 GaultMillau points, will offer a Grand Cru Nespresso menu in their restaurants. The special menus will be offered at an attractive price, inviting a large audience to try high Swiss gastronomy.
For these Nespresso Gourmet Weeks, the 25 talented chefs have been inspired by the refined Nespresso coffee to create a lunch and/or an evening menu. Gourmets lover can expect spectacular taste combinations that combine the refinement of haute cuisine with aromatic notes of Nespresso coffees.
For Pascal Hottinger, Director of Nespresso Switzerland, the association of Grands Crus Nespresso
with high gastronomy appears obvious. 
"A Grand Cru wine is drunk during the meal
and a Grand Cru café finishes it. That's why we work with the greatest chefs of the
countries to offer perfect coffee experiences to customers of their restaurants. For the
Nespresso Gourmet Weeks, the country's most reputable chefs, use our coffees for
a specially created menu. They harmonize them with their culinary creations,
playing with the variety of their flavors, to offer an unforgettable gustative experience to
their guests, not only in the cup, but also in the plate. "

Among the 25 top chefs in Swiss gastronomy selected to take part are Heiko Nieder from The Restaurant at the Dolder Grand in Zurich, Tanja Grandits from Stucki in Basel, Reto Lampart
from Lampart's to Hägendorf, Stéphane Décotterd from the Restaurant Le Pont du Brent in Brent
canton of Vaud, as well as Stephan Heilemann of the Ecco Zürich by Giardino, who all have
two Michelin stars.

 "Nespresso coffees are more than a drink in my eyes. I consider them
also like spices. They bring a special touch to my dishes and underline the flavor
intrinsic ingredients. Thus, I constantly discover new taste compositions.
The collaboration with Nespresso is thus an enrichment ", explains Heiko Nieder, Head Chef
of The Restaurant at Dolder Grand and longtime partner of Nespresso.

At the same time, with the Gourmet Weeks, Nespresso offers a platform for young chefs which allows them to present themselves and present their restaurant. Among the chefs Damien Germanier of Restaurant Damien Germanier in Valais, the winner of the Bocuse d'Or Suisse 2014, Christoph Hunziker from the Schüpbärg-Beizli in Schüpfen or Patrick Mahler from the Prisma Restaurant
Parkhotel Vitznau, which with its first Michelin star and 16 GaultMillau points is one of the
more brilliant Swiss leaders of the rising generation. And the young Virginie Basselot of the restaurant
Geneva The Loti of the Hotel La Réserve has not only received an additional GaultMillau point
week, from 15 to 16, but was also named "Cooker of the Year 2017". "
Thanks to the attractive prices practiced, this culinary pleasure will be accessible to the greatest numberof people: CHF 70 for lunch and CHF 120 for an evening meal per person (Grands Crus Nespresso included ,excluding beverages). You can book directly at the hotel's restaurant of your choice by indicating the code "Nespresso Gourmet Weeks". 
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