Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Kneipp new exciting products for Fall

Fall is here and it is time to be ready for the cooler days. Kneipp has developed a wide range of new products to care, pamper and protect the skin during the cooler months.
The new night cream "Regeneration through the power of nature" has a rich texture and firms and  tightens the skin overnight. Cold weather has a bad impact on our hands, too  therefore the new Express hand cream protects and nourishes hands and is ideal to be carried everywhere. The  new Kneipp shower gels with fragrant notes of sandalwood, cardamom and pine  are perfect partners for this season.

 Kneipp "Regeneration durch Naturkraft" Nachtcreme

Regeneration through the force of nature " is a line of systematic care. By combining the products of the line the needs of demanding skin can be satisfied in a targeted way. These certified natural cosmetics activate and support the skin regeneration process.
The Night Cream is a rich regenerating care, which firms the skin during the night to give it a firmer and smoother appearance.

Kneipp Sekunden Handcreme

Hands soft as velvet in seconds? With Kneipp hand-cream is now possible thanks to its vegetable formula with precious avocado butter, jojoba oil and lemon verbena.
This hand-cream will make your hands soft and silky, without leaving a sticky feeling. No more waiting around for the cream to absorb , which makes it perfect for using on the go or in the office.

Kneipp  Aroma-Pflegedusche Sonder Edition Sandelholz Kardamon

Warm, spicy and sensual:  Sandalwood meets the scent of cardamom to create a charismatic scent for this limited edition shower gel.
Once on the skin this extraordinary composition will embrace you to make your shower a truly sensorial experience.

Kneipp  Aroma-Pflegesusche Schönheits Ritual Acaibeere Rooibos

This shower gel with acai berries and rooibos is a daily beauty ritual for the body and senses.
Its fruity  and feminine perfume pampers the senses while its caring vegetable formula really smoothes skin. Rich in antioxidants, vitamines and essential fatty acids acai berries are regarded  as a beauty miracle fruit.

Kneipp Haut Haar 2-in-1 Dusche , Männerpflege mit Naturkompetenz

This practical  2-in-1 hair and skin shower gel especially formulated for men protects the skin from drying out.
With a stronger perfume composition, fresh and fruity the blood orange awakens the senses while black pepper makes for a pleasantly spicy and woody scented shower.

Kneipp Badekristalle Waldespaziergang

Nothing beats a good hot bath with the bath crystals "Waldspaziergang" to dive into a wonderful atmosphere of a forest. Natural essential oils of pine and fir relax the body and mind for an incredibly relaxing bath.

Kneipp Basen-Balance Kräutertee

All the powerful freshness of nature  its effect in this balancing infusion. Linden flowers, elderberry flowers and zinc contribute to balance the whole body. Zinc ensures a normal acid-base metabolism. This refreshing and gentle composition helps to feel well from morning to night.

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