Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Strictly Jil Sander

The name in itself is a confirmation of the philosophy of the brand: JIL SANDER clear aesthetic translated into an extremely stylish new fragrance for men.
STRICTLY because precision constitutes the heart of the JIL SANDER values. Clean lines. Excellent materials. Uncompromising quality. Strict attention to details.
Fitted with the same precision of a JIL SANDER suit STRICTLY JIL SANDER embodies the scent of male elegance. Simple, infinitely pleasant, deeply seductive and always with a surprising accent.

The fragrance

To compose STRICTLY JIL SANDER  perfumers Sonia Constant and Olivier Pescheux selected the finest ingredients. They wanted  to create a fragrance, whose straightforwardness competes only with its uniqueness. The top note mixes noble white pepper with the precious Bay Tree Essence. It develops clenched elegance that leaves a bold yet distinguished, first impression.
The spicy character is felt through the warm, aromatic accents of nutmeg and Cardamom intensified in the middle note which seamlessly blends with the base notes of Vetiver, cedar wood and tonka bean into a sensual, enjoyable interaction that gives the fragrance a distinctively masculine signature.
Available as EDT 40 ml, 60 ml and 80 ml as well as Hair and Body Wash.

is available now
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