Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Welcome clarity with Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Range!

Let's face it coming back from the holiday, my skin is left with a nice tan but also with some dark spots. If you like me suffer from this problem you know how annoying and unsightly dark spots can be and no matter how much everyone else is telling you that they can't see them, you can right?
So lately I have been using Kiehl's Clarity-Activating Toner and Kiehl's Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream part of the Clearly Corrective range and I can really see an improvement, my love affair with Kiehl's continues..

Kiehl's Clarity-Activating Toner is a high performance clear toner which gently retexturizes an infuses skin with hydrating actives. Skin is noticeably cleaner and softer. The toner is formulated with the latest generation potent whitening complex of Activated C, White Birch and Peony Extracts the toner works to diminish dark spots and discoloration while illuminating  the skin for a significantly brighter complexion.

I have been using the toner everyday lately and I can really see my skin is much brighter, more even and luminous. My dark spots are less visible and my complexion  has definitive improved in clarity. The toner is non-scented and non-oily and it is gentle enough to use morning and night as skin doesn't feel dry or tight after use.

Kiehl's Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream is a deeply moisturizing, skin clarifiying cream which is a highly effective treatment for uneven skintone as it goes to correct dark spots and discoloration while also providing 24-hour hydration. The cream is infused with a moisture enhancing ceramide, White Birch and Peony Extracts the formula hydrates as well as providing long term radiance. Thanks to the Activated C formula it also helps to deter new dark spots to form while in the meantime going to work on the existing one. The cream goes to visibly diminish dark spots and discoloration to give an uniform and even skintone.

From application my skin is instantly luminous, and with continuing using it everyday I have noticed my skin is much more even as well as hydrated. The texture is silky, light and not greasy when I apply it my skin look brighter and hydrated. I have been using for a couple of weeks now and I was amazed to see how even toned my skin has gotten and how it glows!

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