Monday, 21 September 2015

L'Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber to the test!

Last Saturday I was invited by L'Oreal Professionnel to test the new Pro Fiber program at the Hairmania Salon in Geneva.
Pro Fiber is the new L'Oreal Professionnel first long-lasting hair care program for damaged hair which starts in salon and then continues at home.
 That means  not only you come out of the salon looking gorgeous but that you continue to prolong the effect every week at home with  the help of the Pro Fiber products.
Enriched with L'Oreal exclusive Aptyl 100 Molecular Complex Pro Fiber is the latest professional programme and is definitely a game changer!
What makes Pro Fiber different from other treatments is that it works from the inside of the hair and not only on the hair surface and that the results are long lasting and can be prolonged at home for over a six week period with the Pro Fiber Products.

The Pro Fiber Range

Hairmania, Geneva

Can't wait to try the Pro Fiber program!

L'Oreal Professionnel, Pro Fiber 


After welcoming me in the salon the first step was a consultation with the hairdresser. 
The one-to-one consultation was basically a brief Q & A session with the hairdresser to analyze the level of thickness and damage of my hair in order to then prescribe the perfect treatment based on the needs of my hair. 
Questions were mainly on my haicare routine and how I style my hair. The stylist also took a strand of my hair in order to feel its texture and condition.
The Pro Fiber program has three ranges designed for different levels of thickness / damaged and comprises:
  • REVIVE: for fine, normal to slightly damaged hair
  • RESTORE: perfect for medium to thick damaged hair
  • RECOVER: for thick very damaged hair

After filling the questionnaire  my hair profile showed to be medium thick and medium damaged so the Pro Fiber Restore program was perfect for me.
The stylist then started the actual treatment process that is actually  quite simple and quick, it doens't last more than 15 min all together. 
Then she started by washing my hair with the PRO FIBER Shampoo which prepares the hair to receive the treatment.
Then the stylist applied the Pro Fiber concentrate onto the hair lengths followed by the Masque on top of the concentrate and massaged into the hair.
The application strand by strand took a few minutes, and then she left it for another 5 min to act.
The product is then rinsed and hair can be dried and styled as liked.
The results were just amazing, I was left speechless. My hair looked so shiny and immediately felt so soft to touch as well as looking so healthy and radiant as if renewed!
Before the treatment, my hair was feeling a bit dry and looked dull as I had just come back from my holidays. I  still can't believe how amazing my hair looked after the Pro Fiber.. wow!

Before the Pro Fiber:
My hair felt a bit dry 
especially on the ends and looked quite dull

The one-to-one consultation with the Stylist

The questionnaire 

The Pro Fiber range which suits best my hair has been determined:

The Pro Fiber Restore Range

Let's go!

The stylist applies the Pro Fiber treatment

Followed by the Masque

Looking forward to see the result!

I can see my hair looking so shiny already 

The hair-stylist styled my hair with the Steampod

Wow! What a result!

Finishing touches

The end result: 
my hair looks so shiny and healthy!

My hair also feels so soft to the touch!

So happy about the end result!


I was given the full range of PRO FIBER products to take home.
This will allow me to continue the program for the following 6 weeks. This way I will be able to prolong that just-come-out of the salon feeling for longer!
The producst comprises shampoo, conditioner, mask and will ensure the positive results achieved in salon can be prolonged. The Re-charge booster has to be used every fourth hair-wash (instead of the conditioner and the mask) as it has the same formula as the one used in-salon so you will be continuosly boosting and reinforcing the positive effects achieved in-salon.

The Pro Fiber Restore Products
 for me to take home

Thanks L'Oreal Professionnel
and Hairmania, Geneva
 for the wonderful opportunity to test the Pro Fiber Program In-salon
and I am very much looking forward to continuing the program at home!

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