Thursday, 16 February 2017

Coca-Cola launches the One Brand strategy

Coca-Cola deploys its marketing strategy in Switzerland, bringing together under one identity all its product range. From now on, the brand's emblematic red disk will be prominent everywhere, from advertising campaigns to packaging, emphasizing the commitment of the most popular beverage offer choices: every consumer and every consumer must be able to choose the Coca-Cola that best suits his desire of the moment and his lifestyle.
Stress, Alexandra Maurer, Xherdan Shaqiri and Zoë Pastelle are the Swiss ambassadors on this first global marketing campaign for Coca-Cola introduced locally.
The change of strategy makes it possible to combine in the form of variety the three big classic: Light, Zero and Life under the identity of the Original. Thus, the image and values ​​of the brand Coca-Cola will be expanded to the full range. In the future, it will be red Coca-Cola and the emblematic red disk of the brand that will play the main role in communication. All cans and bottles will display the same graphics and
the same style. To clearly identify each product, emblematic colors will be prominent on all packaging: black for Zero, silver for Light and green for Life. The new graphics will also include the name and unique benefits of the product on the front of packaging to help consumers make an informed choice.

"The One Brand strategy marks an important milestone in the 130-year history of
The Coca-Cola brand and underlines the company's commitment to
Consumers, "explained Marcos de Quinto, Executive Vice President &
Chief Marketing Officer at The Coca-Cola Company, "By bringing together all variants under the emblematic brand, we give a visual identity to the products  of the Coca-Cola family and help to choose between different drinks which is the right one
 at a specific time, with or without calories, with or without sugar. "

In Switzerland, the One Brand strategy will be launched by a global marketing campaign, also for the first time with a local focus. It includes television commercials, billboards as well as events with opinion leaders and campaigns on social networks. The main acts are then the four Swiss ambassadors of One Brand: Stress, Alexandra Maurer, Xherdan Shaqiri and Zoë Pastelle.

Alexandra Maurer, Stress, Zoë Pastelle and Xherdan Shaqiri

Photos courtesy of Coca-Cola

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