Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Treat your loved one to a great brunch at Starbucks

On Saturday I invited my hubby for an early Valentine's brunch at Starbucks. Of course he accepted my invite and off we went.
Of course I didn't tell my hubby that in reality I couldn't wait to try the new Crossaint rolls and the new Creamy Caramel Latte!
I have ordered both variety of the new Croissants rolls: the Omelette & Cheese for me and the Bacon, Egg and Cheese for my husband. Let me say they really lived up to expectations as they were delicious!
 It is a fact that as Swiss we love our croissants and this modern variation is just fantastic! Filled with traditional breakfast treats such as omelette or eggs and bacon the new Starbucks croissant rolls are just the perfect addition to your morning coffe or for a great brunch.
They were in fact the perfect addition to my Creamy Caramel Latte. The perfect balance between Starbucks Espresso and a caramel touch which gives the drink an exceptionally silky and luxurious texture. All rounded off with a touch of caramel powder. Yummy! I have also spotted some great gift ideas such as the Valentine's Day tumbler with the heart and the ceramic tumbler with the cute and a great way to make your coffee even sweeter this V-Day!
What are you waiting to treat your loved one for a great brunch or breakfast at Starbucks?

Croissant Roll Bacon, Egg & Cheese

The characteristic croissant roll is filled with a fried egg and crispy bacon. A classic breakfast combination that promises a perfect start to the day. The deliciously creamy Hollandaise sauce and the aromatic cheddar round off the buttery puff pastry buns. The croissant roll tastes best from the oven, so the cheese is slightly melted.

Croissant Roll Omelette & Cheese

On the outside a crispy puff pastry buns and inside a delicious omelette, creamy-mild cheese, fresh spinach and a sweet tomato chutney round off the taste while making it juicy and lending great freshness. The vegetarian version of the croissant roll will also be loved by meat eaters.

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