Monday, 27 February 2017

Dr.Hauschka celebrates its 50th anniversary with a brand new makeup collection!

Last Friday I was invited by Dr. Hauschka Switzerland to discover their new makeup collection and let me say I was positively impressed.
Dr. Hauschka celebrates its 50th Anniversary of cosmetic culture with a brand new collection of makeup which is certainly going to impress you, too! 
As always with Dr. Hauschka products they are not there to subsitute skin's functions but instead aim to balance it. This holistic approach of course has ben taken into account also in this new makeup collection which will come out on March, 1st 2017 after four years of intensive work.
The new collection comprises of 83 products with mineral pigments which don't hide the natural beauty in you but on the other hand aim to emphasize it.
The collection is very large and comprises of products for lips, eyes and tint. With new textures, new colours and new fragrances these products are really inviting and are ideal to mix and match. The new packaging let me say is also very pretty, smart and pleasant to the touch.
One of the key product of the collection includes the Lip Line Definer 00 Translucent, which thanks to its transparent shade can be used with any of your favourite lipsticks. It will guarantee your lipstick doesn't smudge or drip and all without that dark lip countouring effect.
If you want to emphasize your eyes and have a perfectly put look you will love the Eye Definer 00 Nude and the Brow & Lash Gel Translucent. Bye bye bad brows days as with the Brow & Lash Gel they will stay put all day long!
Welcome perfect tint with the new Colour Correcing Powder as it goes to hide all the imperfections. It can be worn with ot without foundation. The Light Reflecting Concealer wil not only hide imperfections and dark circles but it will also brighten and illuminate.
Dr. Hauschka's products really reveal your inner and outer beauty!

Dr. Hauschka
 New Make-up Collection
is available from
March, 1st 2017

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