Friday, 3 February 2017

Sisley new Phyto-Touche Poudre Eclat Soleil gives you a sun-kissed look all year long!

Pale winter skin? No more! Now thanks to the new Sisley's Phyto Touche Poudre Eclat Soleil we can have sun-kissed skin all year long.
Trios bronzing powders with unprecedented sensoriality for a tailor-made bronzing effect that fuses with the skin. Phyto-Touche Poudre Eclat Soleil are composed of three natural hues that combine wonderfully to create a tan effect  depending on the seasons desires and skin tones. Pure color captures light to sublimate tanned skin and subtly warm pale skin. Complexion is even, matte and radiant from the application.
A beautiful sensoriality, a long-lasting sun kissed effect as Phyto-Touche Poudre Eclat Soleil uses a new technique: "the Back Injection". 
This innovation gives the product its powder-cream texture, the secret of its
fusion with the skin. Perfect hold without powdered effect, the tan becomes featherweight and holds all day, skin remains matt and the complexion dazzling. Its ultra-soft and imperceptible texture makes skin instantly more beautiful thanks to its smoothing effect. Throughout the season you will have a beautiful sun kissed look!
Available in Trio Miel Cannelle and Trio Pêche Dorée.

Phyto-Touche Poudre Eclat Soleil
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