Friday, 3 February 2017

Head to Lush for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is now 10 days away and if you are still struggling to find a gift for your other half you better head to LUSH! As always they have a great selection of products and gifts sets which are going to make your Valentine's Day one to remember!
Personally I love their gift sets! They are so beautifully wrapped, they cointain a selection of Lush Valentine's products and they are all ready! So even the busiest or most undecided man in your life will have no excuse to treat you to one of those fab giftsets.

Happy Valentine's Day

This wonderful gift cointains everything you need for a romantic Valentine's Day bath.
Lover Lamp Bath Bomb, Rose Bombshell, Sex Bomb and Unicorn Horn.
Have a sensual bath and enjoy these delightful treats.

Love Kisses

This gift cointains everything you need for a loved up day.
Start in the shower with your Prince Charming  Shower Cream 
and the Love you Love you Lots soap and carry on with a
 sensual massage with the Love Spell massage bar.
 Kissable lips? No worries with the Kiss Lip Scrub.

In Your Dreams

Sensual soaks are real and not just in your dreams!
This fab duo Cupid and Unicorn Horn ensure a special V-Day bath.

Lots of Love

This gift really gives you lots of love and lots of treats!
Soak in a sensual bath, envelop your skin in tonka lathers and caress skin with moisturising massages.
Cointains: Cupid Bath Bomb, Lover Lamp Bath Bomb, Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb, Lovestruck Bubble Bar, Prince Charming Shower Cream, Love you Love you Lots Soap and Love Spell Massage Bar.

Valentine's Day Gifts
are available now 
at Lush Boutiques


  1. I have the Love Spell massage bar, sooooo nice.