Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Invictus and Olympéa become legends!

For the first time Grévin Museum in Paris a mythical place of illusion welcomed the ambassadors of the Paco Rabanne fragrances INVICTUS and OLYMPEA. NickYoungquest and Luma Grothe revealed their wax statues in occasion of the launch of the Intense version of the two fragrances.
Reunited in the Grévin Fashion a truly architectural baroque jewel it is a great acknowledgement for these two semigods.
Since 1882 Grévin Museum has made its mission to put a face to great names which made history, since then more than 800000 people visit the museum each year to discover the 200 wax statues that look unbelievably real.
In 2016 Grévin Museum had the great idea to welcome two personalities with an uncommon history that encapsulate well everyone's everyday life: the semigods Invictus and Olympéa.
Back in 2013 Invictus the fragrance of victory was born! The irresistible champion..God on earth! In 2015 Olympéa gives the power back to the women: great intelligence, divine queen and a true icon.
2017 and the adventure continues with these two aiming once again at the top. Olympéa dreams of power while Invictus can only think about victory but to stay on top you have to train. So two is better than one!
Nick Youngquest embodies Invictus to perfection with a champion body and eyes of steel while Luma Grothe symbolizes Olympéa so well thanks to her wonderful grace and soft look.

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