Thursday, 18 August 2016

JACK DANIELS celebrates its 150th anniversary

Time to celebrate  JACK DANIEL'S distillery is celebrating its 150th anniversary and has since then impressed  with its products the world of premium whiskey. JACK DANIEL'S - a true brand icon and one of the world most successful spirits brands is located today in peaceful Lynchburg in the US state of Tennessee and carries an impressive history with it.
 Since 1866 at the JACK DANIEL'S distillery in Lynchburg,Tennessee, the world famous JACK DANIEL'S whiskey is prepared in a unique way and with much diligence. The 150th anniversary of the distillery will be celebrated all over the the world with many events, promotions, products and of course with many traditional stories from the oldest registered distillery in America.
The JACK DANIEL'S distillery is nestled on the hills of Tennessee in the small town Lynchburg. The water for the whiskey has been sourced from the Lynchburg Cave Spring since 150 years.  Bubbles from this source are cool, pure and gives you an almost iron-free cave spring water making it the perfect basis for a particularly pure whisky. 
In its 150-year history the production process has remained largely unchanged. From the own production of the white oak barrels, to the maturation of each whiskey drop to the charcoal mellowing of JACK DANIEL'S Tennessee Whisky is still made in the same way it was then developed and perfected by Jasper "Jack" Daniel Newton. To this day, every drop of JACK DANIEL'S sold worldwide is made at the distillery in Lynchburg.

"In a world where change is a constant, keeping the same method of production of whiskey , in the same place over a period of 150 years is an incredible achievement," said Mark McCallum, chairman of JACK DANIEL'S. 
"In my opinion, our ability to stand by Mr. Jack's lifelong motto" Every day we make it, we'll make it the best we can ", led to our resistance and our success. In this anniversary we celebrate our history, traditions and values, by continuing to tell  unique and powerful stories that have contributed to the uniqueness and particularity of the JACK DANIEL'S brand. "

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