Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Let's bring a touch of exotic to our hair this Summer with Batiste Tropical & Wild

Summer time for holidays and travelling. Whether travelling through the Amazon, flying to Hawaii or relaxing by the local pool - with Batiste summery scents "Tropical" and "Wild" takes the exotic to your home.
Summer of course means swimming season! But often, it also means dry and dull hair.
With Batiste "Wild" and "Tropical", say goodbye to damaged hair as the dry shampoos treat the hair and guarantee a  perfect hold without the damaging caused by washing. With only a few spray the dry shampoo gives your hair volume and shine all day.
Moreover, the roots are degreased, so you can sunbathe carefree in the summer sun.
The summer fragrance "Tropical, Coconut & Exotic " it is perfect for Hawaii girls. With its wonderful scent, Batiste dry shampoo immediately takes you dreaming of far away adventures. Furthermore, the Hawaii colourful packaging guarantees to set you in a good mood. It is also available in a practical travel size (50ml). The fragrance "Wild - Sassy & Daring "proves to be the ideal choice for the daring girls who like to show their wild side. With its Eastern flavors associated with vanilla, wood, cocoa beans and a note of musk, "Wild" is the ideal companion for long wild nights.

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