Thursday, 11 August 2016

My new mascara obsession: MAC InstaCurl Lash!

 A while ago when I had the great chance to meet MAC  Trainer for Europe Paulo Almeida it put this mascara in his personal top three products to have so from that moment on I knew I had to try it!
I am talking about the new MAC InstaCurl Lash mascara which Paulo referred as "The Shark" for its resemblance to a shark's fin. I am telling you here and there this will be the mascara which will get everyone talking as it is fantastic!
Let me tell you a bit more about this breakthtrough mascara which has a customizable curved wand so you can really get it to work on every corner of your lashes while a quick twirl gives you the style and volume you surely will love. Try it! I tried it and I am hooked. You will see that the bendy brush will fit perfectly to suit your eye shape, unlike some other curved mascaras out there MAC InstaCurl Lash mascara  really goes to fit your eye shape with very much ease.
Plus for me I love the flexibility this bad boy gives you, as if you can decide to use the brush straight or bended if you twist the cap making it so easy to get the style and volume you are after.
I am loving the jet black formula which is very long-lasting and stays smudge-free. I put it on in the morning and don't need any touch ups all day!
Definetely my new mascara obsession!

MAC InstaCurl Lash
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