Friday, 19 August 2016

My experience with Dr.Hauschka holistic face treatment

The other day as you might have seen from my Instagram account I went for what was my very first Dr. Hauschka treatment. As a fan of the brand I was sure I wasn't going to be disappointed.
At Dr.Hauschka they believe in the "Art of touch" and promised I will be rejuvenated. Well, I went for the "Soin Plenitude" and the lovely and experienced Cynthia from Atelier Gam in Yverdon-les-Bains certainly made sure I had a wonderful experience with my Dr.Hauschka treatment.
What makes a Dr.Hauschka treatment different from a regular treatment that you might have had somewhere else is that the products are at the basis of both face and body treatments and that they use a holistic and rhytmic approach which provide stimuli that boost regeneration and wellbeing.
Cynthia started my treatment with a relaxing foot bath, the stress of the day disappeared in a flash. At the heart of the treatment stays lymphatic stimulation which the esthetician performed using brush strokes as well as some hands movements on my face.
Dr. Hauschka's rituals include some massaging with the use of brushes. Lymphatic stimulation has been at the heart of Dr.Hauschka treatments for ages. Through stimulating gentle brush strokes she goes to make our lymph capillaries relax and unblock so that oxygen and nutrients can penetrate cells and tissues are purified.
I really enjoyed the facial which followed and we certainly all know that a perfect cleansing routine is key in order to have a clear and dewy complexion. The esthetician started by removing my makeup with Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Milk and then used the Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Cream both products are soap free and mild. She also suggested I keep using those also at home for my cleansing routine together with the Clarifying Toner.
Then she went on with a Dr.Hauschka steam bath while the Clarifying Clay Mask was acting on my skin. My eyes were made to feel relaxed and cool thanks to cotton wood pads soaked with Dr.Hauschka Eye Revive.
At Dr.Hauschka they don't believe in exfoliating products but only in cleansing away what the skin is ready to relinquish in order not too be to harsh on skin.
What makes a Dr. Hauschka treatment special is also the knowledge and expertise that a Dr.Hauschka esthetician has. They have received training, they know the products and treatments and know how they work and this way they can choose the best products/treatment for your skin conditions. The esthetician adjusted the care programme exactly to suit my skin conditions so after the Clarifying Clay Mask she went to apply the Regenerating Mask. Pure bliss!
I left feeling completely relaxed, pampered and truly rejuvenated inside and outside!

Thanks Dr.Hauschka for the lovely treatment!

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