Monday, 6 October 2014

Exciting news for this Fall coming from Swedish Hair Icon Björn Axen

Exciting new products from Swedish Hair Icon Björn Axen coming out this Fall!


Every now and then we all get that annoying thing called dandruff and  what we all want is to treat the problem without over drying our scalp.
Björn Axen anti-dandruff shampoo with Dermosoft Decalact helps combat  dandruff while also caring for your hair.
We all know that anti-dandruff shampoo can be though on hair, but Björn Axen Anti-dandruff shampo will care for hair and scalp.
Enriched with natural ingredient Dermosoft Decalact it actively reduces dandruff and can be used over a long period of time if necessary.
Often people with dandruff also have a dry, itchy scalp, the shampoo also contains  peppermint oil which not only smells great but also freshes and soothes the scalp.


This effective gel treatment from Björn Axen really helps in treating sensitive scalps.
It is fat-free and really gives instant relief from dry, irritated or itchy scalps.
Its active ingredients X-Pert Moist and Sea Moss provide rich hydration, soften and soothe the scalp.
You can massage it into a damp scalp or in case of itching can also be massaged into a dry scalp for immediate relief.


This creative styling cream gives a matt rough look with fulness lasting volume and definition.
It gives a very firm hold to short-mid-lenght but also longer layered hair and what is important is that it does not weight down thin hair.
Blue Seakale, Vitamin B5 and wheat protein care for the hair and scalp while it also cointains ingredients for heat and UV protection.
It can be applied on damp hair and left to dry or blow dry for maximum volume.

More info on Björn Axen products on and all these products are now available to buy at selected Manor, Globus, Jelmoli and specialized retailers throughout Switzerland.

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