Sunday, 12 October 2014

#whatAreYouFor Campaign - #FOR Lugano!

A while ago I have been asked to be part of the Smart #whatareyoufor campaign, and represent my town Lugano . Of course I have accepted and since then I posted positive messages all with the hashtag #FOR on my social media related to my town Lugano while other bloggers did the same for other cities in Switzerland. Everyone however can be part of the campaign, check out and write your message! #FOR being optimistic! #FOR a new urban joy!

I did this video to show off some images of  the Feast of the Harvest, held in Lugano last week , in Italian "Festa della Vendemmia" a tradition every year in Ticino, where people meet to celebrate the harvest and try out wines, enjoy local food while listening to folk music in the streets of Lugano.
#FOR keeping traditions alive !
#FOR Lugano ! 

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  1. Lovely event!