Friday, 17 October 2014

Get that seductive look thanks to Bourjois !

For those who never seem to have enough eyelashes, Bourjois is now offering a new interpretation of volume, curve and sublime opulence.
The new Volume Glamour Push Up Effect Mascara does the same to lashes as push up lingerie does to curves: instant volume booster.

Here are Bourjois 3 lessons of seduction:

1. Flaunt your curves
This mascara offers a plumped up, thicker eyelash with upgraded curve.

2. Have fun!
Creating baby doll eyelashes quickly ans easily for up to 16 hours!

3. Be desired!
Volume Glamour Effect Push-up plumps up the lashes with extra curves.

With this mascara is all about the wide-eyed lash lool with volume boost.
First of all I must say I love the perspex type bottle, it looks really smart.
I tried this mascara and gives a a clump free, voluptuos effect that really lasts.
Thanks to the uplifting brush made to give a curl to lashes, is perfect to create the coveted intense look to lashes.

Of course in order to achieve your best look eyebrows are really important,too ! They showcase the eyes and give structure to the face and naturally intensify the eyes.
Bourjois is coming to the rescue by widening its range of Eyebrow pencils with three new shades:

 06 - Blond Clair: true taupe, not too brown or grey

 07 - Noisette : slightly golden, suitable for light brows to red eyebrows

08 - Brun Brunette: warm shade, not too dark , doesn' haeden the look

.. And still available in : 01 Noir Ebène, 03 Châtain and 04 Blond Foncé.

Bourhois eyebrows pencils really help to keep eyebrows neat, to fill in and brush brows thanks to their precise tip.
They give a natural effect and are really easy to use so that even beginners can get a great result.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Push Up Effect Mascara is available now and the new shades Eyebrows pencils will be available from November 2014.


  1. A must try!