Friday, 17 October 2014

Sassoon Optica AW 14 collection

Optica is Sassoon professional AW/14  collection. Optica plays with one such fashion aesthetic opaque versus transparency.
The collection's editorial effect is nuances and subtle playimg with derivations of depths and shadow.
Cuts are elegantly androgynous, colours vary from shaded to multi-tonal.
Opaque and transparent fabrics are layered to add dimension and create graphic silhouettes.

Optica showcases the new capsule collection of in-salon products designed to add an editorial edge to your Sassoon cut.


An aerated mousse designed to enhance your hair's natural fullness by creating weightless volume.


It is a finishing spray that gives a long-lasting, reworkable hold.

These tqo products give great styling oppurtunities and complement existing salon range.

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