Friday, 29 April 2016

Happy 15th Birthday Starbucks Switzerland!

In spring 2001, the first Starbucks in continental Europe opened at Zurich Central. Now Starbucks is represented by 59 coffee houses, two in trains and over 200 self-service units in Switzerland.
 In 1971 Starbucks began with a Coffee House at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, and quickly spread to the United States. 15 years ago, Starbucks opened its the first coffee house in Zurich. 
The three-story store at Central quickly found great approval with the guests and enjoys today great popularity. Due to its central location and proximity to the University and the ETH, Starbucks Coffee House is for students, families and business people alike a place to rest, to meet, to work or just to enjoy a good coffee.
Currently there are 59 coffee houses in Switzerland - a further one in Winterthur will open soon. Besides  Starbucks has been expanding for some time the "Starbucks on the go" concept in many stations. In addition there are now in Switzerland more than 200 self-service units, which make it possible, even on trains, offices, universities, hospitals, etc. to enjoy a hot drink with the same quality.There is a choice of espresso drinks, chai tea latte, hot chocolate and tea.

Andrew Simmonds, Operations director Switzerland, Austria & Netherlands, stresses the importance of the Swiss market for Starbucks 
"Starbucks in Switzerland was from the beginning a success story. And we will  build also in the future continue and continuously from our presence in the market. Our newly planned Coffeehouse in Winterthur as well as the continuos collaboration with strong partners will allow more and more Swiss consumers  to enjoy their favorite drink from Starbucks."

Happy Birthday Starbucks!!!

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  1. Well Happy Birthday Starbucks! :-) When we were living in Japan I visited Starbucks pretty much on a daily basis! But here in Switzerland I don't go that often, just because I'm not smack in the middle of the city.