Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Uriage Xémose cares for very dry skin

If you have very dry skin, also prone to allergic reactions you know how difficult is to find skincare products which are good for you. Well, Uriage brings you 20 years of Expertise Dermocosmetics provides care for dry/ very dry skin prone to hypersensitivity and allergic reactions.
Uriage has added a new reference to irs Xémose range with the new patented Chronoxine. Chronoxine goes to act on lipids and restores and reinforce durably the skin barrier as well as soothing irritations of even the driest skin.
All products have been formulated according to new technologies and from the last patented discovery of Laboratoires Dermatologiques d'Uriage.
The range includes a Soothing Cleansing Oil, Xémose Emollient Milk, Xémose Cream, Xémose Cerat, Xémose Gentle Cleansing Syndet and Xémose Moisturizing Lipstick.
Here some of the products of the range in more detail:

Gentle Cleansing Syndet
with Uriage Thermal Water

This gel-cream cleanser, not only cleanses but also replenishes lipids and soothes. It is especially formulated for very dry skin and it is soap and fragrance free. Thanks to the Cerasterol-2F skin barrier is restored and protected.
It soothes itching and brings a long-lasting comfort.
It can be used on face and body and also on babies and children.

Moisturizing Lipstick

This moisturizing lipstick enriched with Shea Butter hydrates lips as well as repairing and protecting them from external aggressions. It is fragrance free and Hypoallergenic.


This emollient milk cointaning three patented complexes hydrates and protects, while reducing peaks of dryness. It soothes the feeling of skin tightness and discomfort.
It soothes itching sensation and prevent the recurrence of irritations.
It is quickly absorbed as well as giving a pleasant sensation.
It can be uses on face/ body and on babies and children.

is available now
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  1. So far my experience with Uriage hasn't been great, but I'm willing to give the brand another chance :-)