Thursday, 28 April 2016

Inspired in Bali, tailored in Italy: YPNOSIA

YPNOSIA brings together century old craftsmanship of Balinese ikat with the elegance and care for details of Italian Alta Sartoria. The ikat fabrics for the collection have been produced in small, family-run, weaving mills with no child labour involved.
The founders of YPNOSIA, live in Zurich and have Italian, Indonesian and Swiss roots. Bali’s unique atmosphere as well as the hypnotic patterns and colours of ikat fabrics (“Endek” in Balinese) inspired them to create the YPNOSIA-Collection.
The very labour-intensive ikat technique of resist dyeing was exported to Europe in the 18th century to produce so-called Chiné silk. What makes ikat special is the dying process. The weft is dyed by hand in a very complicated and lengthy process, in which it is tied and retied in prearranged patterns and dyed several times prior to weaving. Most of the resulting patterns have been influenced by dreams and spiritual connections with the gods, and they have been handed down over generations. Due to the manual dying process the typical ikat patterns are blurred and therefore attract the viewer’s eye hypnotically. Hence the label’s name: YPNOSIA an invitation to Bali’s fascinating and mysterious world of dreams.
Each dress of the YPNOSIA collection has been tailored in one of the very few couture ateliers in Northern Italy, where the cut and the entire finishing are still handmade according to the traditional quality standards of the Italian Alta Sartoria. The attention to detail shows also in the leather belt covered in fabric, manually produced by an Italian bag maker, and in the large mother of pearl button shaped like a frangipani.


Holbeinstrasse 31
8008 Zürich-Seefeld

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