Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Have you got your EnergyCode yet?

Nowadays we can have pretty much everything personalized right? Bags, luggage, clothes.. but haircare?
Thanks to System Professional now also our haircare can be personalized for our hair needs. Inspired by the trend of personalization which is also seen in luxury skincare, System Professional is now opening a new era for haircare with ultra-personalized luxury products from EnergyCode.
Hair just like us has a unique fingerprint, this is proved by revolutionary research results from System Professional.
System Professional has succeeded in creating the energy profile for each hair and then give us our personal Energy Code. Then thanks to our individual energy profile of the hair we can bring the hair back to a healthy balance. This is ensured by a care system consisting of target diagnosis, highly effective products and exclusive in-salon treatments.

Chloe and Poppy Delevingne are the global ambassadors of the System Professional EnergyCode campaign.
The two sisters are the best proof that even closely related and genetically similar people can have a completely different energy code due to their unique energy profile. Their hair have completely different needs.

"Poppy is one of the closest people to me in the whole world. We live different lives, but we are in a lot of ways similar. The results of the EnergyCode diagnosis has really opened our eyes on how extremely different our hair needs are" Chloe Delevingne explains the importance of her individual EnergyCode  H1 + R2 + R3 + X5A + R6. 
"I love it, finally no longer have my hair color or texture to be categorized. I'm not blonde, wavy or brightened ... I'm Poppy! And that 's precisely the care that comes with the
Best fit to the needs of my hair ", the much sought after model Poppy Delevingne is pleased with her unique and distinctive EnergyCode S1 + R3 + L4 + R6.

Poppy and Chloe Delevingne

A few weeks ago I attended the System Professional Event where I was able to discover my personal EnergyCode. Just like Poppy and Chloe!
It all started with a diagnosis. The personal energy fingerprint of each woman is defined by the lipid content of her hair.
Although only 4 percent of the hair consists of lipids, they influence its condition decisively - whether it is supple or frizzy, shiny or dull, limp or full of bounce. With the exclusive EnergyCode diagnosis System Professional hairdressers are able with unprecedented precision to determine the specific hair and scalp needs of any woman. (Needs to be done every six months to take personal and seasonal changes into account). Because the basis for a successful hair care is the right diagnosis.

Thanks to the diagnosis of the System Professional Hairdresser I was able to discover my personal EnergyCode:   H1 + X2E + B3 + X4L + X5A + R6

In order to restore the natural balance of the hair System Professional has developed the EnergyCode complex. The carefully balanced EnergyCode complex is included in all products of this highly developed luxury haircare line. Each of the nine care lines of the System Professional EnergyCode collection carries a letter on which a number is then added depending on the product and intensity. This code system identifies individual products and gives you a personalized haircare.

In addition to the collections of shampoos, masks and conditioners, infusions and emulsions are the main focus of the highly personalized in-salon treatments with System Professional EnergyCode. The exclusive salon services immediately transform the texture of hair and scalp and provide a true energy boost. The hair feels as born again. The treatments vary in duration and intensity and are based exactly on the energy profile of the hair. Women can choose between different treatment lines: energy invigorates the senses and improves
energy of hair and scalp. Essential provides intensive relaxation and instant beauty effects in the shortest possible time.
Intense transforms hair in a fascinating way. And Reborn gives luxury for maximum well-being.
Tailor-made massage techniques complement the system treatments to an unforgettable salon experience.
The new luxury brand System Professional EnergyCode has been available since September 2016.

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