Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Soulful Living with Rituals

Cold days are here, time to stay inside and enjoy just being at home. At let's say it there is nothing like a welcoming home. The only place to feel safe and happy.
This is where daily routines turns into rituals. At home we can enjoy the little things like a cup of tea, light candles on a cold night or a relaxing bath.
Rituals helps create a pleasant atmosphere for you and your guests. They offer a vast collection of products to make your house a welcoming home. It is the art of living in harmony, relax body and mind.
With Rituals you will be able to bring your personal touch to any room of your home.
 Spray a bit of a Parfum d'Interior on a lamp or on a heater and the heat will diffuse a delightful scent throughout the room. Interior perfumes comes in three fragrances: goji berry, sweet orange & cedar wood and yi yi ren & white lotus.
The new scented sticks from Private Collection bring life to each room. The collection offers exclusive scents for every moment: two fresh, vegetable and invigorating scents and two hot and spicy fragrances. Woody Vanilla scented sticks, for example thanks their woody and vanilla notes, release an intense and aromatic scent throughout the house and they are my absolute favourite for Fall nights. Scented candles have always been a favourite of mine, I say it I am a scented candle lover. They help to create a warm and cozy atmosphere as well as spreading a wonderful scent around the house.
The scented sticks from the Private Collection are perfect for every room in the house: the hall, the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen or the bathroom. Place them in the hall next to the front door and surprise your guest with a wonderful welcoming fragrance. Choose one from the Private Collection between Black Oudh, Goji Berry, Tiger Grass or Green Cardamon or to create a relaxing atmosphere go for the Rituals of Sakura scented candle.
The front door is the access point to every house, every room. And why not give it a little extra attention, with a Home Perfume Tassel hanging on the handle? This decorative tassel brings a touch of luxury to your home. The tassel can be flavored with three different fragrances: yi yi ren & white lotus, rice milk & cherry blossom and almond oil & indian rose.
And fashionista will love the Wardrobe Sachet which will delicately perfume your closet.  Each set consists of two luxurious scented sachets which diffuse a delicate fragrance for eight to ten weeks. 

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