Monday, 8 July 2019

innocent Plus - for a great start of the day

If you like to start the day with innocent smoothie, you can now experience its blue, orange, green or red taste miracle: "innocent Plus" are four new recipes that provide a special boost thanks to selected ingredients. The best fruits and super ingredients are used such as ginger, matcha, guarana, goji berries, blue spirulina and extra vitamins. For fans of super smoothies, innocent also has a new favorite ready: the Super Smoothie "Antioxidant Cacao" tastes like a piece of cake, but consists of fruits, some cocoa and Acai and is therefore better for the conscience.
The latest creations from innocent are as colorful in color as a rainbow and give every day the necessary impetus:
"With innocent Plus, we bring a number of innovative recipes to the fridge, which provide a special boost. Ingredients such as ginger, matcha, goji berries, and as a special highlight blue spirulina, support everyday life from the inside and make fun with their colorful outfit, "said Valerie Auer, Marketing Manager Austria and Switzerland pleased about the increase in the range.

Berry Set Go 

Berry Set Go combines the best of raspberry, cherry, apple and goji berries. A dash of Guarana and extra vitamins make the Berry Set Go the perfect start of the day.

Citrus Shield

The most beautiful things in nature are orange: sunsets, fire lilies, tigers. This gathering also includes the Citrus Shield. Blended with orange, tangerine, lemon and carrot, rounded off with a bit of ginger and boosted with extra vitamins.

Wonder Green 

Green is the color of harmony and relaxation. The innocent Wonder Green contains apple, pear and cucumber as well as matcha and extra vitamins. The perfect mix to unwind and let your mind wander.

Blue Break 

Everyday life can be quite exhausting. No wonder sometimes you need a break. Blue Break owes its bright color to the blue spirulina algae. Mixed with white guava, apple, coconut water and extra vitamins, it protects the cells from oxidative stress.

All "innocent Plus" are now available in Switzerland at selected Coop and Manor. 

Super Smoothie Antioxidant Cacao 

New Super Smoothies have one more member in their ranks: the Super Smoothie Antioxidant Cacao is reminiscent of the delicious taste of black forest cake, but is blended among other things with the super-ingredients Cacao and Acai. 
"The Super Smoothie Antioxidant Cacao tastes almost like a piece of cake and is still good for the conscience," explains Valerie Auer. The best fruits are mixed - half an apple, one banana and sour cherries - with extra vitamins and the Superfoods Cacao and Acai berries. No added sugar, no artificial sweeteners or concentrates. The smoothie is a source of vitamins C, B1, B2, B3 and B6 that help reduce fatigue and fatigue, as well as vitamin E, which helps protect cells from oxidative stress.
The "Super Smoothie Antioxidant Cacao" is now available in Switzerland at selected Coop and Manor.

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