Friday, 19 July 2019


System Professional EnergyCode launches the new INESSENCE range to respond to the trend of naturally inspired products that also give you effective care. INESSENCE products are all free of sulphates, parabens and silicones and relies on the power of nature.
Up to 96 percent natural ingredients promise a holistic hair care for all hair types. The antioxidant properties of the Hawaiian Açai berry neutralize environmental damage such as UV rays, and thus re-activate the energy of the hair. Thanks to the fresh smell of delicate mango flowers, ginger and honey and in addition with the proven EnergyCodeTMComplex the new INESSENCE products feel gentle and luxurious on your hair.
Part of the INESSENCE range are: the Hair Rejuvenating Shampoo, Hair Rejuvenating Conditioner, Hair Rejevunating Mask and Hair Rejevunating Spray.

Hair Rejuvenating Shampoo

This shampoo improves manageability and smoothness with the light moisturization. It also reduces frizz and rejuvenates instantly thanks to its formula with Acai Berry stem cell extract and without any parabens, silcones or sulfate.

Hair Rejevunating Conditioner

This conditioner reduces frizz and internal hair fiber friction instantly for manageable, smooth and shiny hair that are easier to comb.

Hair Rejevunating Mask

This mask is ideal for an intense weekly treatment and is formulated without parabens and silicones. Thanks to the Acai Berry stem cell extract, the mask delivers discipline to the hair making it easier to control while is also protecting the hair against frizz.

Hair Rejevunating Spray

Formulated without parabens and silcones with Acai Berry stem cell extract for natural hair energy. This spray protects hair from UV and significantly reduces the internal friction, protecting the hair against mechanical damage while also  reducing frizz.

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