Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Institut Misifus the new temple for holistic care in Geneva

From ancient Greece to ancient Egypt through the alcove secrets of the alchemists of theRenaissance, the Institut Misifus in Geneva invites its visitors to discover  beauty care rituals and massages combining ancestral traditions and modern holistic sciences. 
Opened in November 2018 in the district of Champel, the space dedicated to the wellbeing is the cocoon place of your dreams where you can find inner peace and personal balance, core values in today's world.
Designed as rituals, treatment at Misifus follows a specific procedure so that you can experience a moment of well-being and relaxation adapted to your desires and needs.
That we wish to be transported for a moment of well-being or to treat a particular need, each care ritual begins with a talk with the practitioner. Thanks to a preventive health test with kinesiology, the latter can thus evaluate the treatment, the products and doses best suited to the person in order to receive all the benefits of aromatherapy.
The goal? Harmonize body and mind. To do this, the practitioner  performs a massage, which combines several different techniques, using products based on essential oils (chosen in a personalized way according to their aromatherapeutic properties). To give you an accurate and effective result, the latter will be guided in an intuitive way and a conscious touch to relieve tensions and the energy blockages thus guaranteeing a tailor-made care.
Among the highlights of the place, the massage on the floor, which allows treat the body as a whole by acting at all levels (muscular, articular, energetic and cardiovascular). This energy therapy inspired by yoga and meditation makes use of various maneuvers (pressure, stretching, ...) and allows you to releaseaccumulated tension, lowering the heart rate, lengthening the spine, and improve mobility to encourage a natural alignment of the body and thus reconnect with its senses and find calm and lucidity.
At the heart of the concept of this new holistic temple, rituals inspired by ancestral traditions and holistic modern sciences. Among them, the ritual entitled "Queen of Egypt", 
in reference the famous beauty practices of Cleopatra, thus guaranteeing a moment of relaxation and well-being combined with ancient knowledge and millenary techniques. The essential oils of frankincense and myrrh rejuvenate and bring serenity, combining ideally with an exfoliation and a salt and seaweed wrap from the dead sea, followed by an anti-stress massage. 
The aromatherapy of this treatment allows to bring youth and beauty to the skin, the harmony of the spirit, confidence and self-esteem while stabilizing the flow of emotions. But that's not all because the customizable dimension of care makes sense when it comes to meeting targeted needs, like the "Holistic Alquimia Feminine Sensuality Ritual" for the body and the face. Designed specifically for women and their specific needs (as well to regulate the hormonal cycle to soothe sleep, regulate emotions or to relax), this treatment is practiced with the sensuality body nectar for women ", containing fifteen different essential oils.
Thanks to a positioning of garnet stones and pink quartz on specific points, it helps to stimulate circulation, harmonize the heart and the hormonal system. At the crossroads of aromatherapy and lithotherapy, the treatment is followed by a body and facial exfoliation with salt from the Dead Sea and an anti-aging mask moisturizer, then ends with a ritual of "Moxa" (stimulation circulatory system by heat) and a belly massage.
Another key care is energy therapy. This practice aims to refocus you and your various aspects so that you restores a concordance with yourself. Every emotion, past event are likely to cause alteration in our behaviour. Through this practice, the therapist accompany the person to have a better synchronism with oneself, to center oneself, have more energy, and be more in harmony and in balance in everyday life.

I recently visited the Institut Misifus and tested for myself the : All Over Reducing and No Cellulite treatment.
As always at Misifus the care ritual started with a preventive health test with kinesiology and of course a talk with the practitioner with the aim to evaluate the treatment and the products best suited to the person in order to get all the benefits of aromatherapy.
The result showed that for me the Alqvimia  Anti-Cellulite Body Oil and the Alqvimia Shape Reducer Body Oil were particularly suitable and were later used in the care ritual.
The care ritual combines massage, exfoliation and body wrap aimes to support weight loss, activation of lymphatic circulation and oxygenation of treated areas. This deep and slimming massage increases the firmness of skin and reduces cellulite thanks to the use of essential oils: lemon, juniper, cypress and rosemary. 
Of course as you would imagine with those kind of treatments it is not with only one session that you get to see the results. The practitioner suggested a minimum of 10 sessions combined with a balanced diet. 
In any case my skin already after one session definely looked smoother and more polished. 

Faithful to its philosophy, Misifus relies on two very specific cosmetics brands, combining sensoriality, efficiency and naturalness: Alqvimia and DU Cosmetics Skin Experts.

Based on blends of essential oils, this range of 100% natural products combine care with the rebalancing of energies.
Alqvimia offers products of very high quality finely proportioned in natural substances specific to each desired effect (relaxation, rejuvenation or even improvement of the quality of sleep). Its founder, captivated by the world of alchemy (whose brand takes its name), spent his life trying to bring science together perfumery with the knowledge of alchemy, giving rise to to a very complete range. The range is  available at Misifus to prolong the effects after a treatment.

Cosmetics Skin Experts
Since 1986, DU Cosmetics is a must-have brand by experts in skin care. With a range of products
carefully designed, hypoallergenic and manufactured exclusively from natural elements and without dyes, the scientific team DU offers innovative formulas with high composition quality adapted to all skin types to keep it young and meet its specific care needs.

Images courtes of Institut Misifus

Chemin des Clochettes 4 
1206, Genève

Tel:+41 22 800 22 88

Monday Friday
10:00 -19:00



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