Tuesday, 2 July 2019

New look for the RevitaLash Cosmetics range

RevitaLash® Cosmetics is a physician-driven, pioneering eyelash and eyebrow company and market leader. Founded by Dr. Brinkenhoff, American ophthalmologist who I had the chance to meet personally in Lausanne last week the brand meets the highest standards of safety. It presents itself today with a brand new packaging of its miracle products, which will look stunning in your bathroom.
RevitaLash unveils the brand new packaging which is elegant with a clean design in feminine colors that beautifully illustrate the quality of the products of this brand that has revolutionized the care of eyelashes.
(Re) -Discover the brand's newest gem, AquaBlur, a gentle, effective moisturizing gel for the eye contour that protects and smooths the skin for a younger, radiant look. RevitaLash Advanced, the star product of the brand with which it all started, is the eyelash serum that promotes healthy growth and gives lashes a spectacular and luxurious volume. For an even more intense look, the Volumizing Duo, which combines Volumizing Base and Volumizing Mascara, intensifies the natural color of your eyelashes while giving them an exceptional volume. For your eyebrows, RevitaBrow Advanced, offers a unique formula for sparse and damaged eyebrows, to make them more beautiful and more defined. Lash Wash micellar water gently removes makeup from your eyelashes, eyebrows and eyelids. On the hair side, RevitaLash offers a thickening shampoo and conditioner that nourishes and strengthens the hair, as well as a volumizing mousse that intensifies the hair's natural volume and restores shine and suppleness.
REVITALASH products are available online and at selected beauty institutes and spas.


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