Friday, 12 July 2019


Neutrogena presents its new range of innovative treatments. With its new Skin Detox line now available in Switzerland, you protect your skin against deposits of harmful substances and environmental pollution.
The "detox" trend is based on the assumption that, through our food and our environment, we absorb many pollutants and toxins, which our body can no longer evacuate completely. This is often why we have a dull complexion, tiredness and lack of vitality. To stimulate the metabolism and get back into shape, the trend initially focused on specific diets. Since then, the desire for freedom and to move away from superfluous constraints has spread to the way of life as a whole. And even to help  skin to face external aggression, a more comprehensive approach is needed. To protect this important organ from harmful external influences, Neutrogena has recently developed a special solution: Skin Detox.
We are exposed to polluted air on a daily basis, a problem not only encountered in the city. Environmental pollution of all kinds such as soot particles and fine particles, cigarette smoke or air heating or ventilation fatigue and tarnish our skin, by depositing it gradually. Dermatologists say it's important to clean your skin every day, to get rid of all accumulated impurities. Many cleaning products, however, clean only on the surface and even make the skin dry. With the Neutrogena Skin Detox skincare range, our skin can now breathe again, as it not only deeply cleanses the pores but is also gentle on the skin while preserving the natural skin barrier. Four new Neutrogena Skin Detox products help cleanse the skin deeply and restore radiance: 2-in-1 Mask and Cleanser, Purifying Scrub, Triple Action Micellar Water and 2-in-1 Moisturizer. 
Furthermore the cleansing products which help you fight against 100% of pollution and daily external aggressions all without weakening the hydration of the skin while the moisturizer helps regenerate and protect the skin from these influences.

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